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So... Is it Atem, or Atemu? >< I've read both..

I go by Atem, its okay to ask

He'd found another that looked like Atem but the question remained just as always whether or not he was the protective Pharaoh that appeared in his dreams every night. One way to find out. "Um..hi.." he said shyly. "I'm Yuugi. What's your name?"

He looked at the boy in front of him, he smiled kindly and replied “Hello, I am Atem” hoping to make the boy more at ease, “are you alright?”

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Oh my gosh I almost started crying.

If people came with warning labels, what would mine be?
happy pride day

happy pride day my friends , Mod would like to say this as well. 

(Hey everyone, remember treat everyone equally)

Hello Jack, how does it feel to be addressed by real king? and Hi Yusei


Jack: “Ain’t you Yugi? The King of games?! —-Wait, he is no longer around …

Jack: “It’s a trick! I, Jack Atlas, will become the King of turbo duels one day and then you’ll be addressed by a real King!
Yusei: “Hi Yugi.

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